Anchor for New Teachers

One of the most influential roles a building administrator can have is to hire great teachers and train new teachers to be great. New teachers can become confident, strong educators with multiple years of building a solid teaching foundation that continuously evolves with the needs of students. A driven administrator, through high quality and personalized professional development, can support every teacher towards becoming an excellent educator. Ultimately, the building administrator develops a positive culture within the school to retain a teaching staff full of exceptional teachers and teachers that are growing towards becoming accomplished. Many good teachers that would soon be great teachers leave the profession entirely after a few years into the profession. Some new teachers do not even make it through the first year of teaching.

A goal of Spark Educational Services is to provide teachers new to the profession with Anchor, a unique mentoring opportunity. The Anchor program will guide and support new teachers to stay on the course towards being a great educator. Through Anchor, new teachers and mentors will meet for meaningful dialogue that celebrates successes and formulates strategies to overcome struggles that arise as a new teacher. Anchor is designed to be an adaptive mentoring program that meets the needs of all of the participants.

Registration for the Anchor program